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Our Programs

Our goal is to train young men and women in righteousness and use their abilities and gifts for the Kingdom of God.

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Queens Being Restored

Our goals and objective for this program is to bring awareness to women of their queenly identities, by exposing the lies of their past.

H.O.P.E. Outreach 

Our goals and objective in this program is to reach out to the community through our youth and adult mentoring programs, homeless outreach service, elderly and prison ministry, in addition to other services geared toward reclaiming what the enemy has stolen, and giving back hope to the children of God. Through the Ministry H.O.P.E. …whose abbreviation symbolizes…… HOMELESS, ORPHAN, PRISON, and ELDERLY: You have allowed us to offer food and clothing to thousands of homeless people in our city; hundreds of youth have been touched with the message of Christ; many young men and women within prison walls have wept in tears as they surrendered their hearts to the Lord; while the Older Folks in our community who are simply looking to live out their lives as they deal with pain and suffering are shown the love of Jesus through our ministry.

Youth In Action

“Youth in Action” is a mentoring and leadership-training program for young men and women aimed at developing character, Integrity and helping them to find their significance in life; through our elderly program, we are able to reach out and minister to individuals in community nursing homes; the homeless program we execute has clothed and fed thousands of misfortunate people over the years of our operation; In addition to other services geared toward reclaiming the disadvantaged and giving hope to those in despair.  We have made a difference by providing program, services, assistance and love to our constituents in the community. 

Champions & Angels For Christ

Our goals and objective in this program is to bring awareness to young men and women that they are called to fulfill their destiny in Christ by becoming today’s servants, leaders and mentors.

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